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Mandala Tapestry Leaf

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Mandala Tapestry Leaf

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Mandala Tapestry Leaf

Explore the meditating power of mandala tapestry

In India, the origin of mandala tapestry shows a prominent significance. The word "mandala" means "the circle", and it is derived from an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit. ... All over the world mandala tapestries are being used at a huge level. It's famous and most prominent usage is found in Tibetan culture which follows Buddhism.

Many people correlate Buddhism religion with the significance of mandala tapestry. You can find mandala manifestations in different forms, which portray symbols like yin-yang according to the Chinese culture. The Aztec calendar also resembles the design of a mandala. Buddhist monks designed many legendary mandala wall tapestries and imparted the skills to many students in the current era.
A unique interconnection is reflected through the mandalas which bring inner peace and awareness. It allows sub-consciousness of a person to resolve answers that are bothering a human mind. Mandala design extends from the inner circle towards the outward sides in a circular pattern as a concentric circle. People in India and Malaysia consider this type of tapestry pattern as a sacred geometry shape which allows energy to flow in and out when meditation is performed in front.

Where to place the tapestry?

A mandala tapestry wall hanging is known for recharging the souls that live around it. It is beneficial to place the tapestry in front of the bed or on the right side of the wall. It is said that tapestry view matters a lot because it reflects energies from outside towards inside very quickly. However, people avoid hanging wall tapestries in a sunlight exposed area because they fear to lose its shine and may fade by the time.
Hence, it's true, a woven fabric may not fade of its beauty in a tapestry, but oil painted fabric of a tapestry may show dull colors after a certain period of time due to constant exposure under the sunlight.

Acoustic nature of tapestry

A voice of inner contentment, calmness and creating a peaceful world inside is not easy. But with the help of an Indian tapestry wall hanging, you can preserve a positive aura around the workplace, home or in an institution. Its visual appeal keeps a busy mind focused and brings life back to discipline. If you are searching for a right kind of home decoration piece, then you must sustain your eyes to the mandala tapestry. It will enhance the energetic aura around you as well as brings a beauty to the wall.

From where to buy Mandala Tapestry

There are various manufacturers and Indian tapestries shops available online. Many sell only to the retail dealers, but if you wish to buy in bulk you can contact them. The high-quality tapestries are usually designed with rug fabric and woolen embroidery thread. Hand-woven tapestries are quite costlier than the oil painted fabric tapestry.
Nowadays, different uses of tapestries are found such as-

1) Bed cover tapestry- the same pattern as made on wall hanging tapestry are designed on a king or queen size bed sheet. The fabric used to make mandala pattern for a bed cover is thicker than the usual bed sheet linen.

2) Floor rug tapestry- floor carpets or rug tapestry is becoming trendy I society these days. They are commonly placed in living rooms, under the drawing room table or the entrance of the rooms.

3) Wall tapestry- they are significantly designed in various distinct wall sizes. Wholesale wall tapestries are sold online as well as local markets. You can take help of search engines for obtaining tapestries in versatile colors and patterns at best affordable prices.

4) Table cover tapestry- currently, a big demand is observed for a tablecloth with center tapestry. Many home décor units sell mandala tapestry in long table runner style so that it brings an immense beauty integrated with positive aura to the dining area.

Here you can find out different varieties of the mandala as well as Indian design tapestries. The price may vary according to the quality and size; hence huge bargaining is administered by the tourist so far.
You can access our online store Mandala Tapestry from any country around the globe and can buy or check our consisting of amazing and astonishing designer tapestries.
Like Amazon online shop, we are also working with various local operating manufacturers . You can either buy a single product of your choice or can also order in bulk for better price range. Please check our Wholesale Tapestry section. Therefore, mandala tapestry can be the best option for a gift.